CCA Students Participate in Engineer Career Day

In celebration of National Engineers Week, CCA High School students participated in the annual Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Career Day on Friday, February 24, 2017. The students had the opportunity to take part in a three-part competition, consisting of two design projects and an “engineering trivia challenge.” The take-home challenge involved each team designing and building a (transportable) stand-alone, self-supporting flume. The “water” in the flume was a steel ball bearing (SBB), and the primary objective was lack of speed- the team whose SBB traversed their flume from start to finish for the maximum duration in seconds received top points. Teams were also given a second “surprise” project on the day of the event which consisted of building a cantilever beam out of materials consisting of straws, string, tape, paperclips, rubber bands, and a thumb tack; the lever supporting a suspended cup containing the highest number of pennies would win. The “trivia challenge” allowed students to learn about “real-life” engineering projects through interaction with the engineering firms and universities exhibiting at the event.  Projects were judged on a variety of criteria and awards were given to the winning team for each of the three competitions.  The overall winner was decided by the highest average finish in each of the three competitions.    

CCA students who participated in this year’s event included:

Team A

  • Jack Bosma
  • Kyle Healey
  • Adam MacManus
  • Sean Tran

Team B

  • Max Peterson
  • Amelia Dore
  • Jenna Lunsford
  • Evan Weatherly

The students were accompanied by our high school math and science teacher, and faculty advisor for this event, Mr. Eugene Clifford.

We are very excited to announce that Team A members Jack, Kyle, Adam, and Sean took 1st place in the competition and will be recognized by SAME representatives with a trophy and award presentation at a later date! Fourteen teams representing nine local public and private schools competed in this year's Engineer Career Day competition. We are very proud of these young men and women- great job, everyone! Go Eagles!

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