Jesus knew that life-change happens within a small group. He had 12 chosen men and even though multitudes followed Him and believed in His deity and message, His core group remained the same. This is why at CCA we believe strongly in getting our students plugged into a small group. Discipleship Groups, better known on campus as D-groups, are small groups for students based on gender and grade level. These groups for Upper School students are facilitated by CCA faculty, staff, parents, and student leaders. 

What happens in a D-Group? We are learning to do "life" together; the good, bad, and sometimes even the ugly.  A life learning what is means to trust in a God who loves us passionately and wants His best for each of our lives. A God who is in pursuit of our hearts. D-Groups are tailored so no matter the age, grade, or spiritual maturity; together we are learning to walk one step at a time in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We stand firm on God's Word as our "plum-line" and believe His Word is sufficient in all things and for all things. It is His Word, empowered by His Spirit, that will mold us and change us to be true "Christ-followers".

Why Disciple? Why follow Jesus? We follow, because of who He is. If we have Jesus, we have more than enough to follow Him in obedience AND make disciples! 2 Peter 1:3

How do we continue to make disciples when wading neck deep in sin?  We have to remember that the success of our mission requires not only the authority of the King but also the mercy of the Messiah.  He is the Disciple who succeeds where we fail, in perfect obedience to God. We extend mercy from His mercies that are new every day. We are his work in progress.

Upper School

This year our girl D-Groups will be studying, "Even More" by Rachel Lovingood & Jennifer Mills. Our boy D-Groups will be studying, "Virtuosity" by Brian Mills & Donavan DeGrie. The adult leaders are excited to take our students straight to God's Word and walk with them as we learn together what it means to be a "Christ- follower."

Lower School

Our lower school "At Home" discipleship continues in "The Jesus Storybook Bible" by Sally Lloyd-Jones.  What a thrill to know our families are reading the truths of God's Word together each week at home; learning how..."every story whispers His name".  On Fridays during Bible class, students will watch these stories come to life as they view DVDs which coincide with the stories read at home that week. Our prayer for the "At Home" discipleship program is for the truths of God's Word to take root in each tender heart and for His Gospel to take center-stage in each home.

"The most important way you can disciple others is by enjoying Christ yourself in such an irresistable way that your enjoyment becomes contagious." - Ortlund


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