Student Leadership Institute

The mission of the Student Leadership Institute (SLi) is to assist young people in the development of their leadership philosophy and skills by exposing them to a Biblically-based, practical, multifaceted, year-long program.                                                                               

Embracing Kingdom Education as a foundation, Student Leadership Institute trains students on key characteristics of Jesus’ leadership, and requires students to be actively involved in service, evangelism and church activities.  In SLi, students are first trained in leadership theory, and then learn specific leadership skills. Finally, students are encouraged to apply their knowledge and practice their leadership potential by serving their school, family, community and church.

Students in SLi are trained in the Biblical model and definition of leadership with a core emphasis on the Three Operating Principles of:

  • The Biblical Principle of Serving Others
  • The Biblical Principle of Evangelism
  • The Biblical Principle of Serving in a Local Body of Believers

The SLi Program is open to all 6-12 grade students who choose to apply.

If interested in applying, please download, print, complete and return the application to CCA's Welcome Center. 

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