NHS and NAHS Inductions

CCA’s National Honor Society and National Art Honor Society held their annual Induction Ceremony on Wednesday, February 7th.  NHS inducted 35 new members from grades 10-12, and NAHS inducted 15 new members from grades 9-12. 

During the ceremony, CCA alumna Meredith Smith ('15) addressed the inductees with her sincere hope that they could understand that their privileges and responsibilities as members of these Honor Societies came as a result of hundreds of personal decisions made by them to hold true to the same pillars of Character, Scholarship, Service and Leadership which will make their future studies and lives successful and meaningful.  Her own service in both Honor Societies as an officer and member reinforced to her that CCA is a place where the gift of service is given, and within them, many opportunities to be shared and enjoyed. Many thanks to Meredith Smith for her time and words shared!

Congratulations to all of our newest members of the National Honor Society and National Art Honor Society.

CCA National Honor Society Inductees

Grade 12: Joseph Mansour, Morgan Mogavero, Kathryn Mullaney, Trevor Mick Robinson

Grade 11: Dean Quilon, Lucas Sayre, Jordan Terrell, Noah Wayne, Rachel Webb

Grade 10: Kaylee Allan, Ben Anderson, Bailey Baygents, Lily Borema, Olivia Carline, Davis Crenshaw, Silas Cullum, Tia Davenport, Kayley Dolan, Amelia Dore, Luke Hamilton, Nathan Hawthorne, Samantha Kambach, Rachel Demi Lotz, Michael Manherz, Dalton Molter, Kendall Muraca, James Paul Porter, Kayla Putzke, Brooke Roberts, Austin Smith, Maya Sorenson, Margaret Verlander, Ryan Watson, Evan Weatherly

CCA National Art Honor Society Inductees

Grade 12: Haley Loveless

Grade 11: Brent Akers, Heather Brown, Joseph Eisold, Hallie Pecnik, Anderson Tucker

Grade 10: Olivia Carline, Katelyn Jaroszeski, Samantha Kambach, Rachael Dem Lotz, Kendall Muraca, Brooke Roberts

Grade 9: Jack Edwards, Hannah Stomps, Madeline Wilbur

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