Emergency Procedures

During each school day, the safety of our students is paramount.  Written emergency procedures, including evacuation procedures, are in place for fire, severe weather, lockdown, weapons on campus, stranger on campus, and other emergency situations.  These procedures are reviewed by the staff at the start of each year and are practiced throughout the year.

The school may dismiss early when there is sufficient reason due to emergency, severe weather, or civil necessity.  Parents will be notified of such closing through our RenWeb Parent Alert system.  The school will reopen when conditions are safe to do so.  In the event of severe weather, CCA will usually follow the action of the Duval County Public School system regarding school closings and early dismissals.  School closings will also be announced on RenWeb, the CCA app, CCA social media channels, and local mass media outlets.

In the event of an emergency evacuation of the school, the Head of School or Director in charge will determine the safest place to move the students.  Parents will be notified of this location via RenWeb Parent Alert, and will be dismissed to parents from that location.

In a lockdown situation, students will not be released to parents until local law enforcement, along with the Head of School, deems it safe to do so.

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