Meet Some CCA Families: Why did they choose CCA?

I have a very long and detailed answer as to why we chose CCA, but my story is one that should be heard by anyone considering our school. 

For the 2001 2002, we had four children, three of which were enrolled and very happy at Bolles School, St. Augustine Campus. At the beginning of that school year our precious daughter Catie was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma which she ultimately battled for almost ten years. Bolles and their entire staff was beyond wonderful to our family during this time and we were devastated when they announced that they would be closing our campus. This was a very difficult time for our entire family as you can well imagine. Our lives were in complete turmoil with Catie's illness, we had a child about to enter middle school and one starting kindergarten and an up and coming fourth grader in addition to our sweet Catie. I was led to CCA by a dear friend and immediately upon speaking with Wanda I knew I had found the right place. In addition to her warm welcome, we attended my husbands class reunion that summer and his friend from high school – whose wife was with him was there. It so happens that she taught 3rd grade and was thrilled to learn that my sweet Catie would be in her class. Lisa Herring was my first real contact with CCA and her straightforward but loving response to Catie’s situation made my heart feel so much better.

As Catie entered her 3rd grade year at CCA she was only able to attend sporadically before she entered the hospital for back to back bone marrow transplants. The love and support given to our family during this incredibly difficult time and the years to come are straight from the Bible. Treat others how you would want to be treated!!! We were fed, loved, supported in ways far too numerous to count. Nurse Diehl was my second real contact with CCA and I assure you she is one of the MAIN reasons our family has stuck it out through thick and thin. Her love and devotion to Catie will never be forgotten. She even traveled to New York when Catie was hospitalized there under very difficult circumstances. She and her daughter made a horrible situation so much better.

Our athletic department could not have been better to our family or Catie. My older children were all involved in sports and each team made an effort to honor Catie and to this day we have a Catie Cares football game that raises money for her charity. What a wonderful way to continue her incredible legacy. Our entire family was honored when the new Art Suite was named for our angel!!!

There are so many more examples of the love and support given to our entire family. If you need any just ask. I have two children that have graduated from CCA. One will be entering Law School this fall and the other will receive his AA degree this spring.

I hope this lengthy response explains just a few of the reasons WHY we chose and continue to chose CCA as our partner in education.

The Carter Family

In December of 2012 it became apparent that the Lord was possibly calling us to the Jacksonville area. Being an athletic director and coach, I immediately started asking my friends, family and colleagues from North Florida: "What school, if you lived in the Jacksonville area, would you place your children?" We have two kids that love sports but we put a premium on spiritual character and academics first and foremost. It was important for us to know, who has the "best fans, the best support group and the overall best environment for our kids and family?" Over and over the response was "CCA formerly known as Mandarin Christian". The responses were all similar...They have the BEST group of fans that love to win but win with class and dignity. If they lose they display the same top-notch class and dignity.

As I reviewed the school website and saw how the focus was on character, academics, the arts and sports with the need for as many kids to step up in as many areas as possible, well, it started t make sense to shadow the school. Both of our kids shadowed in February. We were amazed by the heart and the people we met at CCA. Both kids LOVED there limited time at the school that day. They went on and on about how that the kids and adults there made them feel welcome and like they were wanted and needed.

We were absolutely floored when the school Arts program opened up a separate audition for our child that wanted to do Z-Period. What an amazing class and opportunity to learn and grow in Worship. Z-Period was a wonderful "secret" of CCA that was introduced to us by the guidance counselor at the school. We continued to be guided in the right fit for our high school student on classes and schedule. The attention to detail and desire to help us make a good fit for our kids was phenomenal.

We transitioned the summer of 2013 and the move across state lines was revealing and taxing on our family. Once school started and the kids began their new journey at CCA, the fruit and evidence to CCA's love and passion for kids and families became more and more clear. The transition has still been difficult at times but the ONE CONSTANT remains that the Lord continues to use CCA as a catalyst and agent of love and nurturing for our children. We could NOT be any happier in the choice of sending our kids to CCA. 

Shane & Christy Jones

The reason why we chose CCA was because it is a school where bulling (physical, verbally or emotional) is not allowed. It is a school where students treat each other with respect. It is as school were kids can share their Christian faith freely. I also like the small class environment and the extra help teachers offer to the students. This is the first year my son attends CCA, and we are very happy. He is in 7th grade, and he also loves the cafeteria food, he says it is much, much better than public school.

Kathy Gomez
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