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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

CCA Extended Day Care

2023/2024 CCA before and after-school care are organized under our Extended Day program.

For an opportunity to register for before or after school activities, complete the registration contract by clicking on this link:

Please review all FEES, policies and procedures by clicking HERE:

Policies, Procedures, and Fees
DAILY HOURS of the PROGRAM                                                                            
Monday through Friday, 7:00am - 8:00am and 3:30pm - 6:00pm

Please click on this link and complete the registration form. Once submitted, your FACTS account will automatically be charged the one-time $75.00 registration fee. 

1. Registration Fee is due at the time of enrollment. All fees will be billed through your FACTS account. 
2. There will be a $25.00 fee for all returned checks. 
3. Fees are charged for registered children regardless of whether the children are in attendance each day. 
4. A late pick-up will result in an additional fee. 
5. All fees must be paid in full at the end of the school year to receive final school records. 

AM DROP-OFF PROCEDURE (7:00 am – 7:40 am)
For the staff to promote the safest and most efficient conditions for your child, please follow these procedures:
When you arrive at the school, please park in the parent parking at the front of the school and walk your child in the front doors. 
PM PICK-UP PROCEDURE (3:30 pm-6:00 pm) 
Parents will need to set their student as “Extended Day” in the PikMyKid app. To pick up your student, you will need to show proper identification when you come into the welcome center.

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Holiday, Christmas/New Year Holiday, Martin Luther King’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Spring Break, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Memorial Day, all teacher planning and conference days, and all unused weather days.

CCA closes promptly at 6:00 pm. All students are to be picked up before this time. The official clock will be the one at the check- out location.  Please review how late fees are charged below.           
 1st time: Grace will be extended for the first 10 minutes. $25 for each additional 15-minutes  
 2nd time: $25 for the first 15-minutes and $25 for each additional 15-minute period.
Student(s) may not return to extended day until payment is paid in full. 
 3rd time: Student(s) will be charged the registration fee (if they have not already done so) in addition to a fee of $25 per 15-minutes.
*Student(s) will be dismissed from the CCA Extended Day Program for excessive late pick-ups.
An afternoon snack will be provided at afternoon Extended Day. If your child has any special dietary needs, please plan to send a special snack. Please notify staff of any allergies.

Students who attend the CCA Extended Day Program on early dismissal days are required to bring lunch and drink.

The CCA Extended Day Program will provide an atmosphere of order that is essential to allowing a student to strive toward a Spirit-controlled, Christ-like life. We believe parents bear the primary responsibility for teaching their children the right behavior and attitudes, and we will depend heavily on parents’ help if there is a behavior problem. Rules and regulations are imposed to encourage proper habits, enabling the student to become self-disciplined. These rules will be clearly and concisely presented to the student.  
Behavior Expectations
1. Treat everyone with respect. 
2. Respect the property of others and the school. 
3. Make choices that allow the safety of oneself and others. 
4. Make responsible choices regarding behavior. 
5. Make choices that enable all students to have positive experiences each day. 
We want your child to experience a positive, enjoyable time; therefore, failure to comply with expected behavior will result in dismissal from the program.  In addition to these policies, students and parents are expected to follow all policies established in the CCA Student Handbook. 

The staff will contact you if your child is sick. The director of the CCA Extended Day Program has the discretion to notify parents to pick up their child if the child has a fever of 100 degrees or above, if a child has an open and draining sore, if any other contagious condition exists, or if the child has a serious injury.
If your child requires any medication during the time they are in the CCA Extended Day Program, parents must bring it to the school office, complete a Parent Permission for the Administration of Prescribed Medication form, and note on it the time the child needs to take medication during the Extended Day Program.

PLEASE mark all your child’s personal belongings with their name. Items left for more than one month will be donated to a charitable organization. CCA cannot be responsible for lost or broken items; therefore, personal toys, computer games, radios, jewelry, or other valuables should be left at home.  Cell phones and iPads will be permitted but activity will be monitored. Any misuse or inappropriate use of technology will result in our staff removing the device from your student and turning it over to the CCA Extended Day Director, Sarah Dennie.  Parent(s) will be notified. 

We will strive to keep you well informed about “special happenings”. Please be sure to take a moment to view our website and/or our CCA APP regularly.
Payment schedule: 
There is a one-time registration fee of $75 per student. All fees are billed through FACTS and are due at the end of the month.

*All monthly plans cover Delayed-Start Morning Care.

Director, Sarah Dennie