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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

The faculty and staff at Christ's Church Academy are at the heart of our school’s tradition of academic excellence. CCA teachers love the daily challenge of inspiring, engaging, and nurturing students. More than 70 percent of the faculty and staff hold advanced degrees. Faculty members show their dedication by working with students before and after school, serving as club advisors and coaching sports teams.

  Name Title Group Contact
Winnie Acree Acree, Winnie Teacher Assistant
Carrie Argueta Argueta, Carrie Tutoring Instructor
Amanda Baureis Baureis, Amanda Instructor, Math
Marcie Baygents Baygents, Marcie Instructor
Dawn Beeson Beeson, Dawn Business Director 904-268-8667
Eric Carter Carter, Eric Teacher 904-268-8667
Eugene Clifford Clifford, Eugene Instructor, Upper School
Jeanie Collins Collins, Jeanie Director of Marketing
Alycia Daniels Daniels, Alycia Instructor, Art
Cathy Diehl Diehl, Cathy Nurse 904-268-8667 x107
Jim Diehl Diehl, Jim Instructor
Angela Doig Doig, Angela
Kurt Dugan Dugan, Kurt Athletic Director 904-268-8667
Matthew Frahm Frahm, Matthew Instructor, Social Studies
Shannon Gates Gates, Shannon Business Office
Kim Griffis Griffis, Kim
Sara Hadden Hadden, Sara Substitute Teacher 904-472-1652
Shellie Hartford Hartford, Shellie Principal 904-268-8667 x129
Stephanie Jaroszeski Jaroszeski, Stephanie Teacher CCA
Jane Jens Jens, Jane
Karen Jewell Jewell, Karen Instructor, Art
Michael Lake Lake, Michael Facilities Mgr. 904-268-8667
Melinda Lewis Lewis, Melinda Instructor, Science
Teresa Lindsay Lindsay, Teresa Instructor
Jeff Martin Martin, Jeff
Lourdes Mastrocola Mastrocola, Lourdes Instructor, Spanish
Jaclyn McLelland McLelland, Jaclyn Instructor, Science
John McLelland McLelland, John Instructor
Anne Miller Miller, Anne Upper School Advisor
Kelli Miracle Miracle, Kelli
Wendy Monger Monger, Wendy
Mary Morrison Morrison, Mary Payroll & Benefits Dir 904-886-3997
Madison Nichols Nichols, Madison Head of School 904-268-8667
Brenda Nikielski Nikielski, Brenda Teacher Assistant
Kelli Nolan Nolan, Kelli Director of Admissions 904-268-8667
Erin Owens Owens, Erin Instructor
Sloan Owensby Owensby, Sloan Instructor
Brooke Perri Perri, Brooke
Lee Ponder Ponder, Lee Instructor
Joanne Pruett Pruett, Joanne Financial Mgr, Ext Day, Camp 904-268-8667 x125
Stacey Putnam Putnam, Stacey Teacher Assistant 904-268-8667
Jodie Reeves Reeves, Jodie Instructor
Christina Rigby Rigby, Christina Instructor
Maria Rosa Romero-Jackson Romero-Jackson, Maria Rosa
Kay Schneller Schneller, Kay Admissions Assistant 904-268-8667 x116
Christina Smith Smith, Christina Teacher
Simone Smith Smith, Simone
Jim Stomps Stomps, Jim Instructor/Head Football Coach
Dawn Strong Strong, Dawn Purchasing Agent 904-268-8667 x119
Frank Swanson Swanson, Frank Instructor
Michele Tanner Tanner, Michele Instructor
Billy Thompson Thompson, Billy Facilities Maintenance
Dustin Thompson Thompson, Dustin
Margaret Tucker Tucker, Margaret Instructor
Marianne Vargas Vargas, Marianne Instructor
Theresa Varnes Varnes, Theresa Upper School Asst. 904-268-8667 x113
Linda Visman Visman, Linda Admin. Asst. 904-268-8667 x118
Tonya Waldrop Waldrop, Tonya Instructor
Brandi Walls Walls, Brandi Instructor
Caleb Wheeler Wheeler, Caleb 904-268-2500
Brian Wilbur Wilbur, Brian Director of IT & Social Media 904-268-8667 x120
Lisa Williams Williams, Lisa
Gena Young Young, Gena Instructor