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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

Christ’s Church Academy does not recruit athletes and does not offer any athletic scholarships. Financial aid is available for students solely based on demonstrated financial need. CCA follows the spirit and the letter of the rules stated in sections 7.6 and 11.4 of the FHSAA Handbook and annually reviews these guidelines with coaches, parents, and staff:

7.6.1 Recruitment of students or attempted recruitment of students for athletic purposes, regardless of their residence, is a gross violation of the spirit and philosophy of these Bylaws and is expressly forbidden. Recruiting is the use of undue influence and/or special inducement by anyone associated with a school in an attempt to encourage a prospective student to attend or remain at that school for the purpose of participating in interscholastic athletics. A member school is responsible for any such action committed by any person associated with the school, including the principal, assistant principals, the athletic director, coaches, teachers, any other staff members or employees, students, parents or any 2003-04 FHSAA Handbook 19 organization, such as booster clubs, having connection to the school. A member school also is responsible for any violation associated with the school. The Board of Directors shall establish and maintain a policy which defines undue influence and special inducement; lists examples of such actions which shall be considered to be violations of this article; establishes the penalties for such violations; and regulates academic recruitment programs and financial aid programs conducted and administered by member schools. See Policy 35, “Policy on Recruiting,” that has been established by the Board of Directors, on page 108. The “2003-04 Certification of Compliance with FHSAA Policy on Recruiting” is Form GA3 in the 2003-04 FHSAA Forms Book, as well as on the forms page of the FHSAA web site at

11.4.12 Participation by a student in non-school athletics (i.e. AAU, American Legion, club settings, etc.) on a team that is affiliated with any school other than the school which the student attends, or attended the prior year, followed by enrollment by that student in the affiliated school shall be considered prima facie evidence of recruiting by the school to which that student enrolled, or that the student enrolled in that school in whole or in part for athletic reasons. Unless this prima facie evidence of recruiting or that the student enrolled in the new school in whole or in part for athletic reasons is disproved by the school and student to the satisfaction of the Commissioner, the student shall be ineligible to represent that school in interscholastic athletic competition for a period of 365 consecutive days from the date of his/her enrollment in that school. A team affiliated with the school is one that is organized by and/or coached by any member of the coaching staff at, or any other person affiliated with, that school; and/or on which the majority of the members of the team (participants in practice and/or competition) are students who attend that school.

FHSAA Transfer Policy


A student may not participate in a sport if the student participated in that same sport at another school during that school year, unless the student meets the criteria in Florida Statute s. 1006.15(3)(h):

a. Children of active duty military whose move resulted from military orders.

b. Children relocated due to foster care placement or McKinney-Vento Act.

c. Children who move due to a court ordered change in custody due to separation, or serious illness or death of custodial parent.

d. Good Cause: a) Move to a new residence following marriage of the student. The student immediately establishes a new residence that makes it necessary to attend a different school. b) Transfer of school within the first twenty days – i.e. acceptance into CCA after previously applying. c) Any athletic appeal which will require the Head of School, in conjunction with the guidelines set forth by the FHSAA, to intervene and make a decision on a case.

All Christ’s Church employees and booster club members are informed annually of these rules and expected to adhere to them. Employees sign a statement affirming their knowledge and understanding of these regulations and acknowledge that their violation subjects one to penalties including termination of employment. Violations and apparent violations of these policies should be reported to the Director of Athletics.