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Guidance and Counseling Services

CCA's Guidance and College Counselors assist students in dealing with a wide range of issues including, academics, career exploration, social topics, and personal concerns. Take comfort in knowing that students' needs will be handled with confidence and respect.


In order for students to feel that they can talk openly and freely in counseling sessions, it is very important that parents understand that everything will be done to ensure the student’s confidence. Please do not expect information that your child has trustingly disclosed in a counseling session to be disclosed to parents, unless it is one of the four exceptions listed below.

Exceptions to Confidentiality: There are four instances in which the Guidance Office may breach confidentiality:

  • If it is felt that student is likely to do serious harm to themselves or others
  • If abuse of children or the elderly is suspected
  • If information is court ordered
  • If the student gives specific written permission

If you have any questions, please contact Jan Rawlins, Guidance Counselor, at 904.268.8667.