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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

When your child walks into the high school courtyard at Christ's Church Academy for the first time, they may only see doors into classrooms and tables where they can eat their lunch.  It won't take them long, however, to see something else.  Those doors open to limitless possibilities - opportunities to stretch their minds, challenge their intellect and expand their knowledge as far as they are willing to go.  Those tables give them the opportunity to build long-lasting, positive, uplifting, encouraging relationships with their peers and their teachers.  

"We are so grateful that Jillian has been able to plug in so quickly, and I consider it a credit to your school and the culture that you have set at CCA."  - Ed Edwards, Uncle to CCA Student

Christ's Church Academy prepares high school students for success in five concentrated areas:


With certified, engaged teachers in every classroom, CCA prepares students for academic success with college-preparatory curricula (including twelve AP and dozens of Honors courses) and proudly acknowledges a 100% acceptance rate to a total of 138 colleges and universities.  In fact, over $7 million in scholarships has been awarded to graduating CCA seniors.


Throughout classes, clubs, student government, the Student Leadership Institute, and varsity sports offerings, CCA provides an idyllic environment for high school students to develop and refine skills in communication, delegation, intuition, motivation, and innovation to become effective leaders in adulthood.


Employing a multi-faceted approach, CCA challenges students to grow their faith with a comprehensive Bible curriculum, encouraging discipleship groups, and uplifting weekly chapel services.


CCA is proud to offer eleven varsity and junior varsity sports for boys and girls, and several teams have earned outstanding achievements, including multiple district, regional, and state championships.  More importantly, CCA student-athletes are encouraged by their coaches to apply biblical principles in athletic competition.  Although victory is important, CCA stresses the value of teamwork, fair play, respect for opponents, and doing one's best, regardless of the result.


Through clubs, service projects, group-building opportunities, and more, CCA gives high-school students the perfect environment in which to develop their relationships with God, their families, and each other.