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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

Jim Stomps
Jim Stomps
Instructor/Head Football Coach
Employed Since: 2/1/2015
4 Years Experience At School

Coach Stomps was hired as head football coach of the CCA Eagles in 2015.   He has successfully coached teams in high school (public and private) and college (including Jacksonville University) all over the country since 1995.  He also teaches 8th and 10th grade Bible, as well as 6th grade PE/Health.  Coach Stomps is married to Emily, a biology and chemistry teacher here at CCA!

 On his focus: “As the Head Coach, I pass along the technical skills and knowledge to the players so that they will have the chance to be successful in the game of football; however, that is not the cornerstone of the program.  It is my desire to develop student-athletes who, upon graduation, are able to be successful and Godly influences as they enter the next phase of their journey.  I feel that the personal and spiritual development of each player is a very important part of my job.  As the Head Coach, I will get to know each player as a person and share how they can develop as a Christian Leaders.  My commitment to the student-athlete is for life.”