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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

Kay Schneller
Kay Schneller
Admissions Assistant
Phone: 904-268-8667 x116
Employed Since: 5/1/2005
17 Years Experience At School

Mrs. Schneller has worked in both Christian and public schools for more than 25 years. She has been with CCA since 2005 and serves in the Admissions Department. Mrs. Schneller received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Christian Education and Secretarial from Johnson Bible College.

Her testimony: "I started going to church before I was in Kindergarten and was baptized at age 12. I went to Bible college right out of high school, was married while in college and my husband and I went into ministry after graduation. I have no dramatic "I have seen the Light" story; I may not be as vocal as others about Jesus but try to witness by example and if my children are any indication then I have done well."