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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

We are excited about the new campus expansion project as we partner with Christ's Church Mandarin for the growth of Christ's Church Academy. 

Eagle Campaign

We are  celebrating the growth of our campus with the “Eagle Campaign”! You can learn more by following this link: CCA EAGLE CAMPAIGN.  As you will see, we’re excited to share that we have met over 62% of our goal to STOCK THE SCHOOL! Now we are looking to partner with each of you to reach 100% of our goal by May, as we move into the facility and begin preparations for the 2022 – 2023 school year!

Winter 2022 Update

We are so encouraged to see more and more construction progress on our new campus every day!

The walls are going up, new parking lots are being developed, interior walls and framing are being constructed...It's all so exciting!

As we continue to move forward with building and campus development, we are holding Open House events monthly at the Greenland road location. This is an opportunity for prospective families to not only see the new facility being built, but also tour the existing buildings and preview all that CCA will have to offer.


Summer 2021 Update

We have exciting news to share regarding the Christ’s Church Academy building project and a school leadership update. 

Watch the message below and see the FAQ below the link for additional information.


 When will the new school be completed?

July of 2022! 

How many students will the new school be able to support?

Up to 600

Did we sell our sports complex?

No. We will complete construction and move into the school and then assess the next steps to relocate all sports to the new Greenland Road Campus.

Where can I see the plans for the new school?

There are renderings located in the lobby of CCA or you can view them at

Am I going to be asked for money to build the new school campus? 

No. The church will reinvest the money from the sale of its St Augustine Road Campus and build the new campus with those proceeds. BUT we will be asking our families to help us STOCK THE SCHOOL. We’ve built a great website that will not only keep you informed of the progress but allow you help provide the furniture, fixtures and equipment we need to fill our school. You can view that website at