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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

High / Middle School Mid-Year Exam Schedules

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

December 18-20, 2019

This year, there will be early dismissal at 11:30 am for ALL CCA students on exam days. **

(There is no school lunch served on exam days due to early dismissal.)

Exam Schedule:         Wednesday, Dec. 18                            

8:10-9:45AM                     English*                 9:45-9:55AM   Break

9:55-11:30AM                   Social Studies***                                  


                                     Thursday, Dec. 19

8:10-9:45AM                     Science**               9:45-9:55AM   Break

9:55-11:30AM                   Math              

                                     Friday, Dec. 20

8:10-9:45AM                   Spanish 1-3              9:45-9:55AM   Break                                     

9:55-11:30AM                 Make-up Exam/AP Psychology   

*English exam includes MS 06-08 English S&H and HS courses English 1-4 S&H; AP Language and AP Literature                                       

**Science includes MS 06-08 Earth, Life, Physical Science and HS courses Earth Science; Biology S&H; Marine H; Anat/Phys H; Chemistry AP, S&H; APES; Physics Honors.

***Social Studies includes MS 06-08 TCI Social Studies and HS courses Amer. Gov. S/H; World Cultural Geography; World History AP, S&H; US History AP, S&H; AP Psychology; AP Human Geography

Students who do not take a Spanish class are not required to come to school on Friday, December 20, unless they are scheduled for a Make-up Exam.  Parents may pick up students in car-line after the Spanish exam on December 20 (at 9:50am) if no make-up exam is scheduled. 

Students are required to wear uniforms to school on exam days.

All MS and HS students must arrive at school by 8:00 AM and be ON TIME for exams. 

A student riding home with someone who is not on the normal pick-up list must have a written note signed by a parent.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Due to conflicts with other Social Studies exams, the AP Psychology exam will be administered on Friday, Dec. 20, at 9:55am.