Support Christ's Church Academy

Without gifts from friends or supporters of Christ’s Church Academy, CCA would cease to exist.  Although it varies slightly from year to year, tuition accounts for about 80% of the school’s operating budget. The additional funds must come from somewhere.  We rely on and count on additional gifts through our school-wide fundraising and Annual Fund. Please be assured that all gifts, whether large or small are humbly accepted and appreciated.  Also, please be assured that the CCA’s leadership prayerfully decides how to use the gifts.  We have a duty to be good stewards of your gifts and God’s resources.

Gifts to CCA come in many forms. There are “in-kind” gifts where a family or company can donate labor or materials for which they have special access. Stocks, bonds, Treasury Notes, real estate, automobiles, checks, cash and credit cards are all welcomed.  You can make pledges of any amount for weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annual donations.

2016-2017 CCA Business Partners

The following businesses have partnered with CCA through financial gifts and/or in-kind donations. Thank you! We encourage our entire CCA family to support these businesses and let them know how much we appreciate their support. If you know of a business that would like to partner with CCA, please contact Chris Wayne, Director of Marketing. 

Momentum Transportation 

Momentum Transportation, a Landstar agent, provides transportation services and logistics solutions to a broad range of customers. Their ingredients for success are simple... they focus on Customer Satisfaction and utilize state of the art technology to insure prompt and safe delivery of their customers' freight.  Starting as a Landstar Agency in 2001, Momentum has grown rapidly to become the #1 agency of more than a thousand agencies. Momentum's President and CEO, Brian Putzke and his wife, Karen, are proud supporters of CCA. Visit their website to learn more about Momentum Transportation.

Bubbles Car Wash 

Bubbles Carwash, a continual and faithful supporter of CCA, offers a full range of services for all of your car detailing needs. Bubbles Carwash knows that the mommy lifestyle of lugging around kids, and the dirty cleats and shoes coming in and out of the car can make keeping up with your car difficult! No need to do it yourself - visit Bubbles at 9699 San Jose Boulevard or call (904) 268-3500, and they'll take care of you!

Ted Ade, Financial Planner with Ameriprise Platinum Financial Services 

Our family is a proud sponsor of Christ’s Church Academy. Are you looking for ways to reach your financial goals in today’s volatile market? Whether you’re saving for retirement, college for your kids, home improvement, travel, or other needs and dreams, you may be unsure about what to do next or whether you can do anything at all. That’s where I can help. Feel free to contact me directly at 904-421-7557 or on the web at .

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