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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

Tuition for 2022 - 2023

TUITION FOR 2022-2023

      Kindergarten - Fifth Grades      $10,846.00

      Sixth - Eighth Grades               $12,368.00

      Ninth - Twelfth Grades            $13,487.00

A.   An annual payment is due by  May 31, 2022, with a
discount of $150.00.
B.   We offer a variety of payment plans that are available for 
        a minimal fee. All payment plans begin in May. The 10-
        month plan is scheduled from May 2022 through
        February 2023. The 12-month plan is scheduled from
        May 2022 through April 2023. We offer annual and
        quarterly payments as well. Tuition insurance of 1.95% is
        required for all payment options except the one-time
        payment plan. The following payment schedule does not
        include tuition insurance, technology fees, or activities

                                                10 Months         12 Months

Kindergarten-Fifth Grades  $1,084.60         $   903.84         

Sixth-Eighth Grades            $1,236.80         $1,030.67

Ninth-Twelfth Grades         $1,348.70          $1,123.92

*Families will be charged a FACTS processing fee
  depending on the payment plan selected:

  $20.00 – Annual and bi-annual payment

  $50.00 – Quarterly and monthly payment


Second Child                 $500.00 discount per year

Third Child                    $1,000.00 discount per year

Fourth Child                   $2,000.00 discount per year

Fifth Child                      $3,500.00 discount per year

Extended care is available.  Information will be
provided prior to the 2022-2023 school year
Online Application fee:  $170.00
Enrollment fee:  $610.00
Technology fee:  $175.00
Activities fee:  $225.00

Tuition for 2021 - 2022

Kindergarten- Fifth Grades $10,846.00

Sixth-Eighth Grades $12,368.00

Ninth-Twelfth Grades $13,487.00

Christ's Church Academy also offers a multiple child discount per year for families:

  • 2nd Child: $500

  • 3rd Child: $1000

  • 4th Child: $2000

  • 5th Child: $3500

Click here for complete 2021 - 2022 CCA Financial Information


Tuition Assistance

Christ's Church Academy offers a tuition fund program for K-12 student families who demonstrate and qualify for need as determined by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment, a third-party organization. The CCA Tuition Fund program bridges the gap between tuition and what a family can reasonably afford.  The assistance, intended as a supplement to a family’s resources, is available to all families based on financial need, and will be allocated from the tuition assistance budget.

If interested, please visit Facts Tuition Aid website to fill out the online financial aid application.

Apply for Tuition Assistance

If you have any questions regarding the CCA Tuition Fund program, please contact our Admissions Department.