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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

Tri-M is the only national honor society for student musicians in the country. It highlights the school’s music program and gives students the opportunity to perform, lead, and serve.  Tri-M stands for Modern Music Masters.  Students are selected based on character, leadership, scholarship, and service.  Through the honor society, students take a leadership role in serving the community with their talents and time.  Tri-M students are able to apply for scholarships in the area of music, leadership, and service.

The Tri-M honor society will be singing Christmas carols for the residence at Augustine Landing this Sunday afternoon.  Starting in January Tri-M will be raising money to purchase instruments for a needy school.  Some of the events include a Night of Worship,  lollipop fundraisers during lunch, and sponsoring a dress-up event at CCA for charity.

Sponsors:  Lee Ponder, Marianne Vargas

Tri-M National Music Honor Society charter members:

Brent Akers, Brookie Brown, Heather Brown, Jared Carwile, Julie Cromer, Amelia Dore, Nate Hawthorne, Jake Herndon, Catherine Kennedy, Hallie Pecnik, Kyle Portelli, Makayla Potter, Kayla Putzke, Madison Schnepel, Haley Sharrit, Ruthie Smith, Rebecca Stephenson, Jordyn Terrell, Noah Watkins, Rachel Webb