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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 



The CCA school day begins at 8:00am for ALL students. An “all-call” announcement is made at 7:55am to alert students that they have 5 minutes to report to their homeroom/1st period class. Students are expected to be in the classroom at their desks when the 8:00am bell rings, or they are considered tardy. Lower School students are dismissed at 3:05pm. Upper School students are dismissed at 3:10pm.

* Delayed Start is defined as a school day schedule that runs from 10:00 am until 3:10 pm. It will occur the 1st Thursday of each month. By implementing a delayed start, more families will be able to utilize a smoother transition to after-school activities and staff will benefit from professional development during earlier hours. For families who find it necessary to continue with an earlier drop off, our Eagle Enrichment program will be in place with FREE "early care" being offered from 7am-9:40am.