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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence 

Are you new to CCA?

Here you will find helpful resources to guide you in daily life as an Eagle!

FAQ - Click on the Questions Below

Where do I find the latest updates on Covid19 protocols?


Where do I find information about School Supplies and Textbooks?


What are the Technology Requirements for students at CCA? Laptop or iPad?
Besides the APP, where do I find printable Forms and Permission Slips?


How do I pay my lunch account and find the lunch menu?


Where do I find out about CCA Athletics, tryouts, and more?


Does CCA have opportunities for my student to be involved in music and art?


I heard CCA is building a new campus. What's new with that?


I need a Quick Calendar with holidays and general dates. Where is that?


How do I sign up for After-School Care and Special After-School Activities?


How do I download the CCA APP?


How do I find Schedules, Homework and Grades for my student?


What are the Car Line routes for drop-off and pick up?


Where can I find the different Bell Schedules for CCA?


What is the protocol for Lunch and Food Service? 


Where can I subscribe to the CCA weekly school Newsletter?